Failure in any aspect of life or living is not generally regarded sympathetically in our culture. Although some may encourage those of us who have failed in some way or another and tell us that our failure is not final – that is often of very little comfort. Failure – or perceived failure, can mean the loss of a job, position, respect, money, credibility and future opportunity. Continue Reading


The Journey

As I suspect in most places, Scotland and particularly the Highlands, have places with the same name. This can become confusing. In another life as a serving Police Officer in the Highlands, I have seen calls routed to wrong locations with the same names a number of times – sometimes hundreds of miles apart.

At one point in my career I was station in the village of Gairloch on the North West coast of the Highlands. There is also a location near the Central Belt of Scotland called Gare Loch, in Argyll and Bute, best known for its connection with the Nuclear Submarine Fleet at Faslane. The naval base at Faslane is some 210 miles south and a 5 hour drive from the village of Gairloch where I was stationed. Continue Reading



No one would normally have paid her any attention – in fact no one at all took note of her. She came and went without anyone speaking to her – even although she had a smile for anyone who took a moment to glance her way. In truth she had nothing to offer – no wealth, no status, no influence, no beauty. Continue Reading

Danger Zone History

Them & Us

Although we have moved on from the last series of posts where I examined the ‘Closed Universe’ of my background and tradition – I was reminded today that part of belonging to that universe was a distinct ‘them and us’ attitude – although it would not be couched in such stark terms.

Of course this is far from an issue reserved for religious people. It has been found in every culture, tribe and tradition since the creation of the human race. In or out – belonging or not belonging – our village or outsider – local or incomer – and so the list could go on. Continue Reading