Deaths Of Despair

One of the questions that is being asked during this current crisis is what toll are the current restrictions and isolation, which is being forced upon us, having on the mental health of the population? However the silence of any answer to that question is deafening. I have no doubt that there are groups and agencies who know the answer to these questions – but it is certainly not, to my knowledge, in the public domain. Perhaps that is not surprising given the secrecy and lack of less explosive information which should be freely available but is obviously being hidden from us. Continue Reading


Mercy Ground

Every day that passes shows more and more the extreme levels of hatred swirling in our world. All of us are being affected by it and it adds considerably to the fear, frustration and loss of hope many people already feel. Continue Reading


The Mind of the Heart

So the crisis continues! And it appears that it will for some time yet. The big question many are asking is what is God doing and saying in the middle of it all?

For sure things have been turned upside down. Millions of people who relied on Church gatherings and Church services to sustain their Christian faith have been devastated. Thousands of leaders, preachers and Christian workers are discovering that they have lost their voice and some even their occupation. There is of course the scramble to do what has normally been done in ‘church’ online. However, for many, if not most, this is a poor substitute for the reality they have been used to. Continue Reading

Life Lessons

We’ll See!

I stood chatting conversationally with the new minister who had recently arrived in the Parish of a community on the Northwest coast of Scotland. I was not a member of his church – but what is termed in Scotland an ‘Adherent’ – in other words I attended the church in question as regularly as I could. Continue Reading


The Jacobite Charismatics (2)

On the beach near Cairnbulg, some four miles east of Fraserburgh in North-East Scotland, on the morning of 10th May 1878, there is a bitter, bone chilling wind blowing. Looking out we see a lonely bedraggled woman scouring the shoreline. She is weak with the cold, broken in spirit and desperate. Christian Watt is searching for the body of her husband who had, a few days before, been lost to the sea upon which he had made a living. Continue Reading