Life Questions

I suppose there are many important questions in life – but perhaps none more important than three I want to address in this post. And they are important because the answer and our view of each of them will have a massive impact on our lives at every level. It will determine the kind of people we are, the things we hold dear in life, how we see ourselves as well as others and indeed how well we do life itself – to say nothing of eternal matters. Continue Reading

Hard Talk

The Old Man Spirit

I have often wondered why certain communities, churches and groups are so resistant to betterment, progress and change. Why is it that while some communities flourish with fresh ideas, are progressive, innovative and work together for the good of their areas, others seem totally moribund – incapable of implementing even the slightest improvement or advance. Continue Reading

World Events

Hell’s Handbasket

As thousands of evangelical and charismatic “christians” in America rejoice and applaud the assassination of 10 men travelling in their vehicles from a middle eastern airport, and the man who ordered their deaths is hailed by them as a hero of Messianic proportions I am totally and utterly lost for words. Continue Reading


New Age Nativity

Shortly we will celebrate once again the coming of the eternal God into the world of time and men.  But as I pause to consider this incomprehensible occurrence – for really that is what is – I am forced to ask how many of us even begin to understand what occurred on what we call “the first Christmas”. For sure, much of our world, blinded by the god of consumerism, does not begin or even try to grasp its significance – and even as Christians we so often reduce it to a sentimentalism and what we call “warm Christmassy feelings”. I suspect the truth is that these things do not even begin to help us understand the coming of the Christ at Christmas. Continue Reading