Fading Autumn

A few days ago I took a photograph of a Birch Tree in Glen Uig here in Skye. When I shared this image online I entitled it ‘Fading Autumn’ (the image on this post). For some reason these word popped into my head again at breakfast this morning – followed by the words of famed poet Lord Byron (1788–1824) on the day of his thirty-sixth birthday – Continue Reading

Hard Talk


This morning I passed one of our neighbours working on his house. We chatted for a while and he told me that he was fixing a small misalignment on a window that had been bothering him for some time – and he could not get on with anything else till it was sorted. No one else would have noticed – but for him it had become an issue. Continue Reading

Life Lessons

The World

Even in everyday language the word ‘world’ can be confusing. We use it of course to describe the planet we inhabit in a literal sense. But we also use it in other ways. For instance we talk about the world of commerce or the world of show business to name but two. Continue Reading

Hard Talk


Our behaviour, actions and decisions all have consequences. This is true both at a personal and national level. We all know this – it’s not rocket science. But I have been struck forcefully by this principal again in recent days as I have considered the life and times of the ancient Jewish prophet Jeremiah.

Jeremiah lived at a time when time was up – literally. God had had enough of the hypocrisy, lies, cheating, manipulation and injustice, to name but a few sins, of the nation that claimed to represent him – the people who had covenanted to be faithful to him. And they were about to be plunged in to disaster as a result. Continue Reading

The Heart of God

Be & Is

Words are interesting things – they have always fascinated me. Take the small words which are the title of this post – ‘Be & Is’. Of course they mean very different things – but sometimes they are mistaken for one another.

If I write to you and say – ‘I believe your friend is with you’ that is a statement of belief on my part that your friend is personally in your company. However if I say ‘I believe your friend will be with you’ that statement may be understood to mean either that I hope your friend is with you at this time or that your friend will be with you at some time in the future. Continue Reading