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Danger Zone

The Cult Of Israel

Of necessity this Post is longer than normal – I apologise. It is in reality, at least in part, the story is of my personal journey on the subject. I know also that this Post may offend some. That is not my intention or desire. However I believe the issue here has become so serious it requires our consideration.  So before addressing the matter let me make a few initial comments.

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The Lost God of Jesus III


And so, into this world of strife and violence, socially and religiously, came the child who would be King. But this would be no ordinary King and no ordinary Kingdom. That he totally failed to meet the expectations of the people as their ‘Messiah’ is self-evident from the Gospels. He disappointed on almost all counts – he still does for so many, even those who take the name ‘Christian’.

As you read the New Testament you would be forgiven for thinking that this peace-loving and peace-preaching Jesus, who teaches us to love our enemies, turn the other cheek and not resist an evil person, is the exact opposite of the sometimes violent, vindictive and cruel god portrayed in the Old Testament. And you would be right. Indeed when his disciples attempted to follow the example of the Old Testament god – Jesus rebuked them (Luke 9:55-56)! I know that his further statement recorded here – ‘You do not know what manner of spirit you are of ..’ (KJV) is disputed and is not to be found in many other translations including the J.B. Phillips New Testament, the New International Version, the New Living Translation and the Tree of Life Version among others, but, never the less, all record that he rebuked them for wanting to call down fire from heaven to consume their opponents as had Elijah and indeed the god of Israel did when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. This is not a contradiction we can easily gloss over – no matter how much we would wish to do so. Jesus is clearly not representative of a god who would destroy his enemies in such a way. Continue Reading