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A Question of Belief IV

Having placed, in my last post, a very large question mark over the whole concept of what is know as ‘Penal Substitution’ – the theory which sees Jesus dying a horrible death on a Roman Cross to satisfy the wrath and anger of God his Father – we now need to address the void created by such doubt and ask – how then do we understand the Cross and the death of Jesus?  Of course thousands of volumes have been written on this subject down through the years – so what I offer here is miniscule by comparison.  However, such is the scope of the question posed that, even for a very brief overview, we will have to split our consideration over two posts. Continue Reading

Danger Zone

Living In Offence

‘But they didn’t have anything to do with each other – they stopped speaking years ago.’ So said a friend to me just this morning of a brother and sister close to the family, one of whom had recently died. How often have we heard words like this – of friends, neighbours, family members and acquaintances. Perhaps its living in a small community – but I have, sadly, heard these words, or words like them, many many times. Continue Reading