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The Prophetic

Norman MacLeod – Isle of Harris

As I mentioned in our last post one the privileges in my life was to have known the late Norman MacLeod, Leverburgh, Harris. Both of us had served as Police Officers in Northern Constabulary (serving the Highlands and Islands) although Norman had retired to his home on the Isle of Harris before I got to know him well.

Norman was born in 1926, and joined Inverness-Shire Constabulary (later Northern Constabulary) in 1949. He was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 1971 – a post in which he was highly regarded both by his colleagues and the public alike. A now retired Police Superintendent who knew Norman well wrote the following – Continue Reading


A Question of Belief IV

Having placed, in my last post, a very large question mark over the whole concept of what is know as ‘Penal Substitution’ – the theory which sees Jesus dying a horrible death on a Roman Cross to satisfy the wrath and anger of God his Father – we now need to address the void created by such doubt and ask – how then do we understand the Cross and the death of Jesus?  Of course thousands of volumes have been written on this subject down through the years – so what I offer here is miniscule by comparison.  However, such is the scope of the question posed that, even for a very brief overview, we will have to split our consideration over two posts. Continue Reading