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The Spirit of Wisdom

All of us, I suspect, have known people we have respected, admired and considered as living on a much higher spiritual level than us. I can recall several – men and women who appeared to have great spiritual gifts – who were perhaps great preachers, leaders or charismatic personalities. Continue Reading

Hard Talk


Can a true Christian be a member of the Church of Scotland – given that, in recently years, droves of evangelicals have left a denomination they no longer consider to stand for biblical truth? Continue Reading


For The Love Of Mary

As she stood below the cross staring up through stinging tears her eyes met his. Jesus is in unimaginable physical agony – to say nothing of the crushing spiritual affliction and torment as he, God’s lamb, takes upon himself the sin and brokenness of our world.

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Holy Mary Mother Of God

She is rarely spoken of in so called “Protestant” circles. In fact of the many hundreds of sermons I have listen to, apart from at Christmas time, I cannot recall her ever being mentioned, other than in passing,  far less preached about. Yet Mary is the most significant woman in the NT. Continue Reading


Women [2]

The attitudes towards women which existed at the time of Jesus were the result of a sad decline over some 400 years. As can often happen in a culture – attitudes, opinions and behaviour can change over time and not always for the best. This I believe is currently an issue in our own society in relation to its attitudes towards women – particularly mothers.

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