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Steve Taylor


Consumed By Fear

One of the things that the present crisis has revealed or, some might say, caused – is a massive increase in fear. We all know that there are both positive and negative aspects to fear – but the fear I want to address today is of the negative variety Continue Reading



This morning at breakfast a verse from the bible came to my mind from apparently nowhere. It was written by a man whose faith was in danger of failing and who simply could not make sense of the unfairness of life and why the God he worshiped did not intervene. He was broken and confused – questioning the fairness and goodness of God. In fact he came to the point of regarding his faith as a waste of time and energy – and considered leaving it behind all together. Continue Reading


The Old Turnip

I had an uncle in my earlier years who was a top class gardener. Every year his vegetable patch was immaculate and its produce of award winning quality. No visitor or friend ever left his home without something that had been grown in his garden. Continue Reading