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Steve Taylor


A Question of Belief

One of the things which is very uncomfortable in life is when someone questions or challenges our well thought out and long held beliefs. Well, I say, ‘well thought out’ but, if we’re honest, I think, in truth, many of the beliefs we consider ‘ours’ have in fact been handed down to and accepted by us with little critical examination. They are, in reality, very often, the beliefs of our tradition – whatever that tradition might be. Continue Reading


The Child & The King

‘Once upon a time there was a king who ruled over a vast empire. The king had everything his heart could desire – apart from peace. One day he called his Wise Men to him and told them that he longed to find peace and instructed them to tell him how to achieve it. One of his Wise Men told him that peace could only be achieved by knowing the God who created all things. Continue Reading

The Heart of God

The Shoe

Some of us may remember the scenes on our TV screens in 2003 as the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled by the people of Baghdad. I remember watching this and being a little bemused as scores of men pulled off their shoes and then used them to beat the fallen statue. Continue Reading