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Steve Taylor


Abandoned God

I have known and known of a number of people, some long term ‘Christians’ who have, in recent days, weeks and months, abandoned God. Their reasons are many and varied and it is not the purpose of this post to explore what they may be. Simply to note a sad trend among people I am aware of. Continue Reading

Lonely Places

A Fountain In The Wilderness

She was pregnant, tired, broken, abused and distressed. Having fled home and now headed on a road to the desert, as far as she could from her abusive mistress, Hajar slumped down in despair next to a spring. Perhaps that decision saved her life – I don’t know. But alone and with no way back, so she had concluded, I suspect she thought she had reached the end of the line. And in her distress she cried out.  It was a very simple prayer I suspect, something like – ‘God help me!’ Continue Reading


Doubt & Trust

Last week I spent some time in the little fishing village of Gardenstown in Aberdeenshire. Down on the small harbour, painted prominently on the sea wall are the words ‘GOD IS LOVE’. As the crews in their small vessels head out to sea – these are the last words they will see – and the first when they return. Continue Reading

Danger Zone

The Child

Nothing grieves the heart more than the suffering of children. Most parents will tell you that if they could take on the suffering of their child they would. I had a friend who once prayed that the illness of his son be transferred to him instead – a prayer which was, astoundingly, answered almost instantly. Continue Reading

The Heart of God

Paralysed By Love

Young Guido Brunetti was playing Hide & Seek with his friends in the calle (narrow street) in Venice when he decided to hide under the canvas cover of a boat moored near his home. Waiting to be found, in the early Spring sunshine, he soon fell asleep. He was awakened suddenly by a desperate high pitched voice calling his name – it was his mother. The author of the story continues – Continue Reading