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Steve Taylor

Hard Talk


Our behaviour, actions and decisions all have consequences. This is true both at a personal and national level. We all know this – it’s not rocket science. But I have been struck forcefully by this principal again in recent days as I have considered the life and times of the ancient Jewish prophet Jeremiah.

Jeremiah lived at a time when time was up – literally. God had had enough of the hypocrisy, lies, cheating, manipulation and injustice, to name but a few sins, of the nation that claimed to represent him – the people who had covenanted to be faithful to him. And they were about to be plunged in to disaster as a result. Continue Reading

The Heart of God

Be & Is

Words are interesting things – they have always fascinated me. Take the small words which are the title of this post – ‘Be & Is’. Of course they mean very different things – but sometimes they are mistaken for one another.

If I write to you and say – ‘I believe your friend is with you’ that is a statement of belief on my part that your friend is personally in your company. However if I say ‘I believe your friend will be with you’ that statement may be understood to mean either that I hope your friend is with you at this time or that your friend will be with you at some time in the future. Continue Reading

The Heart of God

Kissing God

Earlier today I took a short walk in the beautiful Autumn sunshine here on the Isle of Skye. I was thinking of nothing in particular at the time when a thought came to me from from nowhere. And it was this – ‘The Prodigal son did not return to his father for love but for economic reasons’. Continue Reading



I have never lived through a time when all of the things I have taken for granted seem to be disintegrating before my very eyes. No matter where I look – in culture, in religion, in politics, in the realm of healthcare, education and indeed in all the previously accepted certainties we have had in our society – everything is up for grabs – or falling apart – all depending on your point of view. Continue Reading


Deaths Of Despair

One of the questions that is being asked during this current crisis is what toll are the current restrictions and isolation, which is being forced upon us, having on the mental health of the population? However the silence of any answer to that question is deafening. I have no doubt that there are groups and agencies who know the answer to these questions – but it is certainly not, to my knowledge, in the public domain. Perhaps that is not surprising given the secrecy and lack of less explosive information which should be freely available but is obviously being hidden from us. Continue Reading