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How glibly in the past did I read the Bible. How quickly and with a total lack of observation did I skip across passages which, had I stopped to think about them, would have been unintelligible to me – or at least held a mystery I could not fathom or understand.

And now that I do take time – I find myself pausing more than reading as I struggle to take in the full impact of the things I see! Continue Reading


Doe of the Dawn

In the place of darkness it is often very difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel. To be consumed by darkness is a terrible thing – yet even in our darkest hour the music of hope can be heard in the background if we strain to listen. Continue Reading


The Broken Road

Many walk the broken road – but few will walk there with them. Many walk the broken road – but not all will fully recover from the damage done on the journey. Many walk the broken road and, for some, life will never be the same again. For yet others the broken road is the necessary route to reality, life, meaning and even abundance.

The journey to the broken road, is, for some, a sudden and unexpected disastrous turn on the highway of life. For others the journey here is almost imperceptible and they can’t account for the reason they now walk here. Some are not even sure the road is broken at all – so subtle has their journey been to this place it feels life has always been this way. Continue Reading


Light In Dark Places

Perhaps more than at any time in my generation, at least in the West, people are experiencing days, weeks and perhaps months of emotional, psychological and spiritual darkness. Some sink in to depression, anxiety and lethargy – and many question the meaning of it all. Continue Reading

The Heart of God


How can you understand God? I would have thought that when God veiled himself in flesh and appeared on earth as a human in the person of Jesus – when he took on our weakness and saw at first hand how ignorant we were regarding the Being and character of God – that he would have spent his time trying to correct our misconceptions of Him by giving detailed and definitive theological sermons about his nature. Instead, for the most part, it appears he told stories – stories which were open to interpretation, misinterpretation or that simply went right over the heads of those who heard them. The truth is he also appears to have raised as many questions as answers! As far as we know he never preached long sermons, rarely touched on what we now call theology and appeared content to live with misunderstanding. Continue Reading