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Danger Zone

Danger Zone


The world integrity seems to be missing from the recently released “Encyclopaedia of Christian Words”. The authors apparently considered that it had fallen into disuse in recent years, so much so that it no longer deserved a place in their publication. Continue Reading

Danger Zone


Wang Ming-Dao the Chinese Christian leader of a past generation who I wrote about in my last article said this:

“There are many different aspects of the Christian life. That which most strongly influences other people and most closely concerns the glory of God, is the Christian’s conduct”.

Some years ago I travelled a long distance to purchase a car from a man who claimed to be a Christian. Indeed, he held a high position in his denomination within which he was a also a popular preacher. He had described the car in glowing terms – and told me I would be very happy with it. However, on arrival, one look at the car showed it had suffered much abuse and required substantial work to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Continue Reading

Danger Zone

The Knock

One of the catchphrases of the evangelical movement is – “Saved to Serve”. I have heard this stressed multiple times throughout my life and heard it again in a meeting I recently attended. The principal and emphasis is easy enough to understand – one is “saved” primarily in order to “serve” – by means of works in the church, in the widest sense of the term.

Sitting beside me at the recent meeting I attended was a disabled woman – which prompted me to consider those, who for a variety or reasons, may not consider themselves able to “serve” in the normal understanding of the word. The verse used by the speaker to drive home this primacy of “service” was Mark 3:14 –

“Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach ..” Continue Reading

Danger Zone


One of the big mistakes I have made in life was to assume that people in religious circles who claimed to be in possession of the gifts of The Spirit – would naturally display the graces of The Spirit. This is not necessarily so. Conversely, I have discovered,  there are those who make no claim to possession of “The Gifts” – but who, most certainly, display the graces of the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, to my detriment and regret, I have met people who have very clearly possessed and displayed supernatural gifts, and to whom I have given a very high regard, only to discover that, not only did they lack the graces of The Spirit, but were themselvs susceptible to deception and bitterness. Continue Reading

Danger Zone

The Lost Kingdom


Is it possible that a Kingdom which was inaugurated over 2000 years ago can still be in existence and true to the vision and purpose of its founder and early citizens? If, as many historians believe, such a  Kingdom was corrupted as early as within 300 years of its foundation, what chance is there that the Kingdom, in its original purity, is still functioning today?

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