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Danger Zone

The Child

Nothing grieves the heart more than the suffering of children. Most parents will tell you that if they could take on the suffering of their child they would. I had a friend who once prayed that the illness of his son be transferred to him instead – a prayer which was, astoundingly, answered almost instantly. Continue Reading

Danger Zone

Mercy, Wisdom & Knowledge

Does your religion, belief system, church or denomination lay an emphasis on knowledge or wisdom? Yes, of course there will, of necessity, be an overlap between the two at some point – but it appears to me that the church, at least in the West, has traditionally promoted and valued knowledge over wisdom. And the problem is that we have come to believe that great knowledge equates to great wisdom. This lie is one of the reasons that society in general and the church in particular is in such a mess today. Continue Reading

Danger Zone


In the beginning there was love. Love ruled in relationship, behaviour, attitude and indeed every aspect of life and living. People loved people, loved God, loved animals, loved nature, loved their environment. And love cared, love gave, love loved everywhere in every situation. Continue Reading

Danger Zone


One of the things that truly amaze me is how wrong the people – mostly religious people, got Jesus when he appeared in Palestine over 2000 years ago. So certain were most of them that he was not who he said he was, so certain were they that he was not at all like the Messiah predicted in their scriptures – they were happy to see him out of the way – nailed to a Roman cross. And the more religious, the more theological, the more highly regarded and the more expert they were – the more they got it wrong! Continue Reading

Danger Zone History

Them & Us

Although we have moved on from the last series of posts where I examined the ‘Closed Universe’ of my background and tradition – I was reminded today that part of belonging to that universe was a distinct ‘them and us’ attitude – although it would not be couched in such stark terms.

Of course this is far from an issue reserved for religious people. It has been found in every culture, tribe and tradition since the creation of the human race. In or out – belonging or not belonging – our village or outsider – local or incomer – and so the list could go on. Continue Reading