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Hard Talk

Hard Talk

Pointless Praying

Is there any point in praying? ‘Of course there is’ most will answer – and to doubt it would lead to calls of ‘heretic’ – at least in most evangelical and charismatic circles! But I am not so sure. Not sure in this sense – that the relevance of prayer, never mind its effectiveness in not unconditional. Hold on to that for a moment and we will come back to it.

Some years ago a revivalist from another culture visited a village on the Isle of Skye where I live. He whipped up the local christians to meet in the early hours of the morning for revival prayer meetings. Most of those attending went to work after these early morning vigils – while the revivalist returned to his bed. Eventually the man moved on with no visibly change having taken place. I remember asking a close christian friend and working man who had attended, what the meetings had done for him. He replied – “Made me very tired”. Continue Reading

Hard Talk

Fathers of Hell

You don’t have to go very far sometimes to find them. And they are not where you might expect – so don’t go looking in the pubs, clubs or houses of ill repute – they would not be found dead in such places!

That’s what makes them so dangerous – because on the outside they look respectable, religious, pious and plausible. But inside they are rotten, filthy, corrupt and deceitful. They are agents of Satan – representatives of his hellish empire. And they are out to make you and I into their sons and daughters – children of hell. Continue Reading

Hard Talk


The very term “Outsider” speaks of exclusion. To be considered and treated as an outsider is very uncomfortable. I suppose we have all experienced this to some degree or another – I know I have – especially, sad to say, in religious circles. Continue Reading

Hard Talk

The King of Salem

In our last post we saw that Bera, King of Sodom was representative of his city and culture – while Abraham was a friend and representative of God – one who stood apart from the prevailing culture of his day, sometimes to his extreme cost.

But in the narrative another person appears – one who is as mysterious as he is significant – “Melchizedek”“King of Salem” and “Priest of God”Continue Reading