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The Spirit of Wisdom

All of us, I suspect, have known people we have respected, admired and considered as living on a much higher spiritual level than us. I can recall several – men and women who appeared to have great spiritual gifts – who were perhaps great preachers, leaders or charismatic personalities. Continue Reading


Friends or Acquaintances?

When I was a teenager, a few years ago now, I worked with an older Irishman who had a habit of making contentious comments. On one occasion I remember talking about the fact that I had a lot of friends. He immediately butted in and said – “no – you have a lot of acquaintances!”. Of course I disagreed strongly with him. However, many years down the road I am forced to agree with his assertion. Continue Reading



I recently attended a family gathering where an old relative recalled his granny repeating often the words of the biblical sage –

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Proverbs 9 Continue Reading


Wide & Narrow

When I was a child, in a side room of Inverness Baptist Church, which we attended as a family, hung a picture known as the Broad & Narrow Road. First published in 1867 this image, depicting a broad and narrow road with various bible verses and a flaming hell at the end of the broad road, most definitely had an impact on my young mind! Continue Reading


Renouncing Despair

Many people live on the edge of despair and some beyond it. Despair is caused the absence of hope. And on both a political and cultural level it is sometimes difficult to find hope and very easy to find reasons for despair.

It is sobering to note that, such is their level of despair, almost 6000 people in our nation take their own lives every year. Continue Reading