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The Dew Of Light

For those of us living in the North West of Scotland these are the darkest of times – in a literal sense. Days are short and darkness falls early. No wonder then that the original inhabitants of this corner of Scotland celebrated the winter solstice [Yule] as it held the promise of longer and brighter days. Their worship and honour of Mithra [the sun god] was of course linked with this necessity. Continue Reading


Realms Of Light – 6

Eternal Light

Physical death – the separation of the body, for a short time, from the spirit, is a reality all of us have to face. Yet death is not final! Isaiah reminds us of a fact repeated in the New Testament –

“But those who die in the Lord will live; their bodies will rise again! Those who sleep in the earth will rise up and sing for joy! For your life-giving light will fall like dew on your people in the place of the dead!”

Isaiah 26:19 Continue Reading


Realms Of Light – 5

The Kingdom Of Darkness

Darkness is the absence of visible light. Dark or black objects do not reflect visible light while white objects reflect all visible light and appear in themselves to be bright. Where light is not reflected there is darkness. In one sense this is related to what we have seen earlier in this series. Objects that are clean, pure, white and bright are fit to reflect heavenly light! Continue Reading


Realms Of Light – 4

Children Of Light

There they stood – a rag tag group of Jesus followers with all their issues and idiosyncrasies, character flaws and inaccurate expectations, and yet, as the King of Light looked at them, he declared –

“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

Matthew 4:14

As they listened this group of men and women, steeped in Jewish culture, tradition and their Torah understanding could not have missed Jesus reference to “light” and a “city on a hilltop”. One city would immediately spring to mind – their city of light – set on a hill – Jerusalem! Continue Reading


Realms Of Light – 3

Light Pierces The Darkness

I believe it’s vital to stress the tangible reality of this realm before we look at its impact at another level within time and space. Some see images of light purely as spiritual pictures – but as we have seen this is far from the case. However the realities of the realm of light also point to a related reality – a reality we live in every moment of every day!

For the most part, this God of incredible light breaks in to our existence at an invisible, spiritual level. Nonetheless this spiritual realm is real, vital and life transforming. Continue Reading