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Spiritual Heritage

Spiritual Heritage – Isle of Lewis

The first post-reformation minister recorded in the Isle of Lewis was Sir Patrick McMaster Martin who, it is said, came to Barvas in 1566. The first Presbyterian minister is said to have arrived in Barvas in 1644.

There is also is some evidence to suggest that at least some Covenanters were resident on Lewis about 1653. At Aird Mhor, north west of the village of Garenin there is a spot known as ‘Buaile nan Covenanters’. It is thought this spot may have been a haven used by Covenanters being persecuted by Cromwellian troops based in Stornoway. Continue Reading

Spiritual Heritage

Spiritual Heritage – St. Kilda

The island of St. Kilda lies in the Atlantic, beyond the Outer Hebrides – ‘It’s bare rampart of precipitous rocks rising in rugged grandeur from the sea, inaccessible save where on the east there is an opening at which in certain states of the weather it is possible to land.’

An acute infectious epidemic almost eliminated the already small St. Kilda community in 1727.  However, by 1764 ninety people are recorded as living on this remote Island – ’38 males and 52 females, a total of 19 families and 9 individuals.’ It is further noted that – ‘many of those recorded in the 1764 census were the families of new settlers from Skye and Harris: Gillies, MacQueen and McCrimmon replacing the old St Kilda names of MacDonald, Morrison and Campbell.’ In 1823 there were 108 recorded inhabitants. Continue Reading