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The Father’s House

The Father's House

The Mystery Of The House

In the final analysis we are forced to the conclusion that Father’s house is multi faceted. On our journey we have discovered that his house is eternal, yet can appear in time, that it is in heaven yet can be experienced on earth and that it is a place we long and yearn for yet can experience in some measure in the here and now. Continue Reading

The Father's House

Entry To The House

 “Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house”
(Psalm 5:7 – NLT)

Entry to my Father’s house is purely and simply by his grace – or as David puts it, because of his “unfailing love”. It is because of this active love, in which the Father proactively seeks his children, even when lost, whether through ignorance or rebellion, that we are assured of a place in his house. Continue Reading