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The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life

William & Mary

Yesterday afternoon I visited a remote corner on the north west coast of Skye. At the end of a single track road overlooking green fields and the sea stands a little whitewashed cottage (pictured above) which was once occupied by an old christian couple I knew. William and Mary married later in life and as a result had no family. Continue Reading

The Journey of Life

The Smooth Stone

David was just 22 years old that fateful morning when he bent down by a mountain stream scanning its stoney bottom. I see him in the early light of dawn looking through the clear water and carefully picking out five smooth stones. Of course there were other stones – large and small. Some were the right size but are rough and uneven. David had learned from experience that these were not the best stones for the job – the smooth ones are the best ones – custom formed, as it were, for the task at hand. Continue Reading

The Journey of Life

Wang Mingdao

As I look back on those who, through their writings and character, have had a strong impact on my life, principal among them is Wang [Wong] Ming-Dao. I first came across his book “A Stone Made Smooth”, in the early 80’s and subsequent translations of a very small number of his meditational writings made a powerful impact on me and formed much of my thinking. Opening one of his books last night after many years I was at once struck by how, even now, the effect of his writings linger on in the way I see the world and the church. Continue Reading

The Journey of Life

The Sound Of Silence

Sound is important in understanding how God communicates. And so we see, at the very beginning of the time, that light and matter were brought in to existence by the voice of God.

“Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”

Genesis 1:3

In other words God spoke, he uttered sound – creative words, that brought light into existence! And, as we have said, matter itself was formed by the creative word of God. No less than 9 times in Genesis 1 do we read the words – “God said!” Continue Reading