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The Raven

‘The more doors you go out of, the further you get in.’

The Raven in ‘Lilith’ – George MacDonald

We live in changing, perhaps monumental times. But I am thinking in particular again, as I mostly do in these posts, of the world of religion in general and the Evangelical Church, in which I was brought up, in particular.

Over the years I have walked out several doors – but never before had I considered that going out might in fact take you further in. I suspect that is because going out often feels like a death – an abandonment of places, and sadly, very often people, who have held a very special place in your heart on the journey of life. Of course it is not meant to be like this – but sadly people are very often more attached to their denominations and churches than to the people who inhabit them – and, if you leave them – well! Continue Reading


The Healing Of The Nations

The concept of the nation state is easy enough to follow and understand. However, the consequences involved are not. In fact the wider responsibilities and accountability of the nation state raises many questions. Individuals have individual responsibilities and are answerable, as individuals, for their decisions, actions and behaviour. However, a nation is made up of multiple individuals – some of whom, as leaders, are responsible for national policy, decisions and direction. When we speak of national responsibility and accountability – who, in the final analysis, is the individual or group of individuals who are accountable for the behaviour of the state? Or is each individual of a nation state vicariously responsible for the actions of the state by dint of the fact they belong to it? Continue Reading