Danger Zone


I may be going out on a limb here given some of the comments I have seen and heard over the last couple of days in relation to Police Officers removing and fining women for wearing modest dress on French beaches. Not only is the Muslim community alarmed – but also the Jewish Community – and rightly so. The Christian Community should also be alarmed – not only by this – but also by the recent images showing a Catholic Priest being roughly dragged from his Church because of some planning dispute. This is the true face of radical secularism – supported, sad to say, by many “Christians” as least as far as it relates to the oppression of the Muslim Community. And that is what it is – make no mistake. Furthermore, tomorrow, it may well be the Jewish or Christian Community – because according to the radical secularist – all religion is divisive and unhealthy.

A Hungarian friend, when his country opted to build its razor wire Border Barrier to defend “Christian Europe”, asked me, “What kind of Christian Europe are we defending?”. Good question!

I have no desire to go in to the debate – other than to say this – it is not the Christianity of the man we call the Christ – the one who, above everything else, taught us that love for God and love for neighbour are synonymous. And your neighbour is not identified by race or religion – only by the fact that he or she is in need of your help and deserves your respect.

As the despised Samaritan in Jesus story inconvenienced himself in great measure to save the life of a naked, dying, unidentifiable stranger – the call to those who claim to follow The Christ is to have love, respect and compassion for all – irrespective of their belief, colour, ethnicity or status. And remember the Burkini today may be your Crucifix, Bible, Rosary or “Jesus Saves” Badge tomorrow!

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    Gillian Cook
    August 25, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    love, honour and respect Steve couldn’t agree more……….regardless of creed, colour, ………surely modesty is an honourable thing…….

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