Danger Zone

The Cage

Earlier this evening while out walking in the fading light of day I had a mental picture of birds in a cage. At one point the door of the cage was opened to allow the birds to escape – but they stubbornly refused all attempts to to coax them to freedom. In fact they themselves made every attempt to close the door to ensure they remained imprisoned and confined.

From time to time the Free Dove of mercy opens the door – encouraging his people to free themselvs from from the cage of the bondage and abuse of religion, control and the taskmasters of Egypt. But they have become so entrenched in their bondage to the systems of religion they have known that they refuse to flee through the door opened for them by the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after I returned home and as the picture faded I picked up a book, and read the following words:

“The Holy Spirit liberates. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. The Spirit is a power that liberates us from every bondage and puts us in a situation of freedom, choice and open possibilities.”

Then, speaking of Christians who refuse to walk in the freedom the Spirit is offering, the writer goes on:

“They have not aspired to the full gift of the Holy Spirit that would have enabled them to take the new way he had opened up.”

I have the firm conviction that this message is relevant at this moment in time to a person or  group of people who might happen upon this post. If that is you – please flee through the door the Holy Spirit has opened for you.

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