Hard Talk

Graceless Truth

For some people, being confrontational seems to give them a bit of a buzz. I’m afraid I do not fit into that category. I do not like confrontation, argument or heated debate. However, that frankness and honesty in any relationship are of critical importance I have no doubt.

That having been said, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the way in which some of our most prominent Christian leaders, apologists and theologians present and argue their case for truth. To my ear much of it is cold and graceless – in fact it is worse than that – for many are unnecessarily confrontational, condemning and smug in their responses. Consequently they win no friends among those they address and allegedly want to win for God’s Kingdom – only drive them further away.

However in some future posts I feel the need to be very open  about where we, and by default the Church, finds itself in these days. I will do so – not be be confrontational but, I trust, in a spirit humility. Furthermore, I believe that we must be honest and say things that are sometimes uncomfortable – because they are true and must be addressed if the church is ever to recover its prophetic voice and credibility. Any one who has dealt with addiction knows – it is only when we become honest about our situation that we are ready to begin the process of healing and restoration. I believe at this moment the same holds true for the church in Scotland and indeed throughout the UK. If we are not willing to face our addictions to popularity, denominationalism, pride and self righteousness, as well as many other things, we will never know restoration or renewal.

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