Symbolic Resurrection

I was brought up in a religious tradition that, by and large, did not practice what is now termed a “liturgical pattern”. While in the home Easter and Christmas were acknowledged – these were not celebrated to any great extent in the churches of my youth. Indeed the practice of following such events as “Holy Week” would have been anathema to many! Continue Reading



According to many financial experts the only safe refuge for our savings in these uncertain days is in gold. But then someone else once warned me many years ago  that the day would come when a piece of bread would buy a bag of gold. So I’m not so sure about the advice I’m getting regarding the current safe investment for my few shekels! Continue Reading

Danger Zone

Running On Fumes

For a while now, and before the current crisis all of us face today, I had been thinking about this old saying. Of course it was most commonly used, more often in the past than now, when driving a car and the needle was showing empty but the car was still running. Continue Reading