The Father's House

House Of Many Rooms

We would expect that a house and home would reflect the tastes, character and design of the owner. The same is true of Father’s house for the Father’s house is a reflection of Father’s heart! While so many religious institutions are exclusive, Father’s House is inclusive. While many denominational groupings are divisive, Father’s House is a place of unity and peace.

In my Father’s House there are no Baptists or Presbyterians – Protestant or Catholics – only those who through fellowship with The Son – have become children of The Father. Yes – Father’s House has many rooms. In my Father’s House there is even room for the despised Samaritan and the Rebel Son.

We must speak truthfully when we repeat that section of what we commonly call the Lord’s Prayer – “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – for our houses here should be a reflection of Father’s House – at least to some degree.

It is not without significance that the elder son in Jesus parable (Luke 15) flatly refused to go into the house where the party for his restored brother was in full swing – even although kindly entreated by his father. Which begs the question – who, in the final analysis, will really join the party in my Father’s House?

To be continued …

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