The Heart of God

God Is There

I came across a story last week about a single mother of 4 children living in the south of Scotland. One evening she was in the local Pub when she met a man who, although a Christian, was by no means walking with God at that point in his life. However, in his confused state he shared Jesus with her and in the weeks that followed her life was totally turned round as she started to follow Jesus for herself. Not only was she and her family transformed but the man she had met was also restored to fellowship with The Father.

Again last week I spoke to a Christian of long standing who is struggling to understand why most people in his chosen church seem to think that God is only interested their group – that nothing else really matters – and any work that does not benefit their church is not worthwhile. Sadly such attitudes are not uncommon.

I sometimes wonder if God is more active in the Pub than in the Church!

The truth is of course that one of the names and characteristics of the God we worship is Jehovah Shammah (THE LORD IS THERE). He is everywhere – in the Pub, in the Factory, in the Convent, in the Mosque – even in the Church! Not only so but his heart is towards all – Palestinians, Syrians, Catholics, Muslims, Immigrants – all, no matter what label we place on each other!

So whoever you are Рwherever you are РJehovah Shammah. He is there Рcloser than your next breath. And he already loves you Рnothing you are or can do will change that. And he longs for his love to be reciprocated Рand he will go anywhere in search of it.

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