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In the foothills of the Jordan Valley lies the Palestinian refugee camp of Far’a – named after the nearby spring which supplies water to its inhabitants.

In ancient times the area now know as Far’a was the location of a town called Tirzah – the capital, for some years, of the northern kingdom of Israel . In Hebrew Tirzah means – “She is my delight”. The Bridegroom of Solomon’s Song likened the matchless beauty of his beloved bride to Tirzah –

“You are beautiful as Tirzah, my love..”

Song of Solomon 6:4

Tirzah was also the name of the daughter of a man called Zelophehad (Numbers 27). Under normal circumstances Tirzah and her sisters would have lost their hereditary rights on the death of their father – but they petitioned Moses for their inheritance. After seeking God’s direction and approval – Moses granted their request – a ruling which effects the inheritance rights of women in Judaism even today.

I believe God is always on the side of the oppressed never the oppressor – no matter what flag they fly. It matters not whether the oppressed is a Palestinian Refugee in Far’a – seeking justice and a voice for their community, the abused and oppressed women of so many societies in our world or those suffering under the tyranny of war and injustice – God is their defender and champion –

“He will rescue the poor when they cry to him; he will help
the oppressed, who have no one to defend them.”

Psalm 72:12

And, if we are truly his people, not only will we share his concern for the oppressed  – but we will do everything in our power to act on their behalf. God demands it!

 “Give justice to the poor and the orphan;
    uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.
Rescue the poor and helpless;
    deliver them from the grasp of evil people.”

Psalm 82: 37: 3&4

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