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This morning I glanced at a book lying on a table in our kitchen. The picture on the cover is of a South African Farmer holding a large Bible – he has a confident, kindly smile. Known to millions Angus Buchan is an outstanding man of God – a man who has seen great things accomplished by God in his life and ministry.

However in that momentary glance I heard a voice of condemnation. I felt like a hypocrite – even a fraud. A voice seemed to say – “He’s a real Christian – what does that make you? You are just playing at at – look at all he has accomplished – and what have you done?”. However the next voice that sounded in that brief conversation of the mind was – “That’s his calling – not yours”.

Ah yes – calling – that concept many of us struggle with and that can so often lead to frustration and disappointment – especially when people [very often self confident even self righteous people] ask “And what is your calling?”.

One day some men who had a very successful ministry heard about an evangelist who had come in to their their area and who was seeing more converts they were. Outraged they went to their leader who wisely advised – “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven.” [John 3:27]. In other words we live, work and minister with what heaven has given US – not with what it has given someone else!

Please never live in condemnation because you cannot live up to the gifting or calling you may see in the lives of others. In any case we are loved for who WE ARE – not because of what we can or cannot do.

And by way of encouragement to some can I say this. I believe one of the highest callings in the life of any woman is to be a mother. She alone can influence for good the lives of a future generation in a way no preacher or evangelist can! And to have the heart of a mother is not restricted to a woman who has her own children – just as the heart of a father is not restricted to those who have sired children! So today, whatever your calling please be encouraged – and work with what heaven has given YOU!

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