The Journey of Life

Preparation & Obedience

Are there times to stand still, to wait and expect God to act on our behalf. Certainly! But these appear to me to be the exceptions rather than the rule.

One of the strange things in life of faith is to discover that our God, who is all powerful and can change any circumstance – for the most part chooses to prepares us for the future rather than change it.

In the face of impending famine God chose to have  Daniel prepare for it rather than to avert it. In the face of impending persecution God chose to warn and prepare the early church rather than remove it.

I know an old lady who, preparing for bed one winter evening, placed her hot water bottle under the bedclothes half an hour before retiring for the evening. A few minutes later she heard the still small voice of The Spirit [with whom she was familiar] prompting her to put on the electric blanket in her spare room. A strange request at that time of night – but she obeyed. Heading to her own room a short time later she discovered that her hot water bottle has burst – flooding her bed. However by that time the spare bed was ready and cosy! No doubt the God who had warned her of an impending problem – could have prevented it. However he chose to prepare her instead.

I believe that today, more than ever, we need to be in a place of preparedness – a place of listing to  – ‘The Still Small Voice”  – as well as being ready, willing and obedient to heed it for whatever our future might hold!

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