The Journey of Life

The Dry Season

The seasons of life are sometimes difficult to navigate. And this does not get any easier as you get older – indeed perhaps it becomes more difficult. One of the problems with seasons is that just as you are becoming comfortable in one – another comes along! And with a new season comes, of course, the uncomfortable period of transition.

Moving from a season of fruitfulness [at least in our own opinion] to a dry season is very difficult and the transition painful. However, as with all seasons, once we become used to it and it becomes familiar, the dry season can become a comfortable place [although in many ways even the dry season can also be a place of refreshing!].

But one day you may hear the still small voice of the Lord of the seasons whispering – “The dry season is over”. Your heart may skip a beat – but the prospect of another transition also brings alarm. The dry season has become a comfortable and familiar place for you and the last thing you want is the painful process of moving again into the unfamiliar. At this moment we have a choice. Some of us will opt for the familiar place – the way things have become. Some will choose to continue living in the place of defeat and fruitlessness – even illness and depression – rather than face the journey to a new season.

King David walked through many seasons – seasons of defeat, seasons of pain, seasons of rejection, seasons of joy and seasons of victory. But in them all he recognised the Lord of the season – and committed himself wholeheartedly to the One he trusted above all others.

On one occasion David found himself facing a daunting adversary. Yet he was victorious! So he named the place of victory Baal-perazim – which means “Master of breakthroughs“ or “The Lord who bursts through” [2 Samuel 5:20] .

If you are facing a change of season today – please take comfort and strength from David’s testimony. As we face the uncertainty – the apprehension and fear – remember that the One who is leading you today is The Master of Breakthroughs – and you can trust him implicitly!


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